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  Come to The Meadows:
The Meadows is not an address
The Meadows is not a concrete place
The Meadows does not have a mail box
nor a laneway or location.
The Meadows is only a place in your memory or in your dreams.
Come and rest a while
and then think of other times
When you sat by water
or strolled in the midst of cedars oron trails
Where you found some quiet place to read
Or watched the fish in a spring-fed creek
Perhaps you sat by a rail fence or
in the shade of a huge elm tree
Maybe you watched birds
chatter in conversation with each other
  Did you listen to frogs in ponds
or perhaps meet God
as you walked through a Labyrinth
Did you sit in a gardens or
learn in a special space
Did you rest in the stillness that only God provided

  To The Meadows - A place of Manna 
There are a few reasons why you may have found yourself at this site. Do you need to pause in your life and count your blessings? Do you need to reflect on your life in order to look ahead? Do you need a jump-start as an individual or as a group to work at a topic or issue? I hope you will find something here for your life's situation at this time.

You may have come to this site because you have experienced a significant loss in your life due to the death of a loved one or drastic changes in your life causing you to grieve. You have some work to do if you want to grieve in ways that will free you from the emotions that cripple and limit your life.

You may have come to this site questioning your feelings and to learn that the way you are feeling is very normal and natural. It is in the understanding of these emotions that you are freed to remember your loss with new appreciation.

You might have come to this site because you are ready to begin your journey. There is a beginning and there is an end. You will go through it to get through it. There are no short-cuts or dead ends. Your grief is individual and unique to you and only you can name and identify what you are going through. No one can tell you how you feel, because they don't know. 

Look for positive readings and uplifting information that will help you cope each day.

      There is light at the end of the tunnel and it isn't a train!
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The website was updated on November, 2009
"I wonder as I wander"
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